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Soulfiesta Exclusive: 777 Energy (DB of Baryo Berde)

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Whether you a fan or not, Baryo Berde has been putting in work and has been one of the scene's source of energy. Hiphop will always be a youthful movement - when sometimes it's wreckless, but its exactly where wisdom comes from years later. One of the prime movers in the scene right now is that girl DB. I personally watched if this was a passing thing, whether she would hold her own against her counterparts and even if she was doing this with a good head on her shoulders. I've seen her perform in her comfort zone and even doubted if she'd have the confidence to take it beyond that comfort zone of performing in front of her peers, making songs with people who she only knew -- but damn was I wrong, she been taking her brand outside from where she started - doing shows around and out the metro, adding to her Soundcloud resume almost on a weekly basis. Soulfiesta brings you an exclusive on DB about her music and being an integral force the scene needs to help cultivate more female talent!

SOULFIESTA: In a time of sensationalism culture, wherein skills don't necessarily apply; nowadays, anybody can be a model, an Instagram model, an Import Nights model, a button pushing DJ, a free lance photographer -- why choose to become an MC?

DAT GIRL DB: I've always had the urge to put my thoughts into words, also, I have been in love with music ever since. Hearing songs that I can relate to inspired me to become an MC, there are so many things I'd love to share, so I knew I had to write, and I want to be the one delivering my message, in a way that I enjoy.

What songs do fancy lately on radio?

I rarely get to listen to the radio these days, I’m either on Soundcloud or YouTube.

Technology helps the youth jump start their careers -- has technology helped you? What do you attribute this new found notoriety you have? Is it primarily because of Baryo Berde?

Of course, I believe technology has helped me for it was my first medium. I uploaded a video of me spitting the first track I wrote (DAILY), and then came the views. This has led me to meeting new artists as well, ONLINE. Back then, I had a curfew so I couldn't really o to events, I lived by the internet. I met few of the Baryo Berde emcees online, too. Haha!

Whats the best thing about the technology now and how it helps you with your fans?

Technology is everywhere, making everything very accessible. Everything you need is right in your hands, with a tap on your phone, you can listen to music, upload photos and keep in touch with your family and friends. Technology has been a great way to reach out with people who listen to my music cause I can give it to them for free. Some message me and ask if I can send them my songs.

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Thats 777 energy live on the track. Check her Soundcloud and get hooked.

Which song did you hear that made you want to be an MC?

There isn’t a specific song, but maybe it’s my friends and my environment.

Should we call you an female MC or just an MC?

Whatever is fine, but I prefer to be called a femcee. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just the female counterpart of the term emcee. Regardless of what they call me, what I’m doing is not really different from the rest of the emcees, male or female.

If you had a platform and people would listen to you -- who for you are the top pinoy MCs, male & female -- in the game right now?

Top Pinoy MC's: Mike Swift, simply because he is Mike Swift. I don’t think I need to do an explanation for that. My top femcee would be Ruby Ibarra, everything she says comes from the heart so when it hits you, it hits you straight to the heart as well.

If you were to be given a shoe deal by any company -- which brand would it be and what would you call your signature shoe line?

I’d go with the classics, Converse. BabyBopis x Converse. Hahahaha! I don’t know if it looks/sounds good but I’d go with that.

Whats the best thing being in Baryo Berde? Outside Baryo Berde, who else do you think people should tune in to?

Baryo Berde isn’t just a collective: we’re a family. There’s nothing but love and support for each other inside the circle. Each artist has their own sound, and everyone’s doing their own thing, walang naiiwanan, lahat gumagalaw. Outside Baryo Berde, I suggest you listen to EJac and Buddah Beads, and also, OWfuck. There’s so many artists that have been consistent with their craft, I think everyone deserves a listen.

What are you currently working on as far as music?

I’m working on singles. No plans for an album yet, but maybe a 3-track EP or a mixtape, future collaborations with Mula Etivac, Kid Cras, also, me and other people in the scene are working on something we’d like to keep on the down low for now.

Would you rather release singles every month or an album by the end of the year? Whats the mind state behind new artists these days?

I’d rather release a single every month, because I think that will help me improve more for I haven’t been in the game for too long. I gotta make a name for myself first, so when I release an album, people would surely listen to it cause they know what I talk about in my craft. Plus, I write whenever I wanna write, when I feel it most, I don’t rush it, though, I like challenging myself, say I’ll challenge myself to write a 32 in a night, I consider that practice.

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If you were to describe DB's music using 3 words, what would they be?

REAL - RAW - LOVE. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s love.

Whats your favorite movie and what makes it your favorite?

The Waking Life. The title itself gives you a hint on what it’s supposed to do to you, it’s supposed to
wake you up in life. So many lessons, you gon' have a different perspective after watching the film. ONLY IF YOU REALLY WATCHED IT.

How was your experience at this years, Fete De La Musique?

I WAS BOUTTA BLOW UP WITH EXCITEMENT. I didn’t expect to be a part of the line-up, considering I’m performing alongside SUCH artists. I was walking around with heart eyes, it was overwhelming. I learned a lot from watching other artists perform… ALSO. THE CROWD. The crowd was crazy, everyone just felt the vibe of Hip-Hop and it was beautiful. I got chills.

Whats the last album you purchased? Whats the best song in that album purchase?

Droppout’s Kusina Mixtape. The best song on the album’s the one I’m in… sike. My fave would be DIGITXXX.

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Peep game, you hear the Tupac melody in here?

Dream collaboration? Foreign and local?

Foreign: BAMBU. Local: PROTEGE.

What is your observation on the local female mcs as of late? Do they have the right role models? What train of thought do you wish for them to stray away from?

Hmmm… I haven’t really heard a lot of female MCs but of the few I heard, I think they’re good with their own craft, also, they try to enlighten people, I’m talkin bout Kessiah Bravo, Peaceful Gemini, and Nikki Aape. They all got a taste of their own, and that’s what’s important. I think I’d give them the same advice I give to myself which is: know what and when to say things, and if they’re gonna do a sexy track, make sure it’s enticing sexy, not the sexy that blurts out obscene words, which is totally unnecessary, but who am I to tell them what to and not to do? BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, they should also promote women empowerment, that other femcees aren’t rivals, instead we should uplift and help each other.

Do you have a favorite verse from a female mc?

Noname Gypsy’s Sunday Morning:

Close your third eye and look with you real eyes
And look what you realize
Your water is privatized
You liquor is idolized
The government mastermind

Do you have a favorite verse from a male mc?

Deca’s Edenville:

My Pops said that we share the same brain chemistry
That’s where I get my appetite for self destruction
I need balance, I need help adjusting
But one day I'll awaken to state of grace
Quit making the same mistake
Of abating the pains and aches
Maintain a creative space
Get loose with the papermate
I've been waiting for day to break
The future is taking shape

What is it that you are trying to attain through your music?

I want people to hear them through me, like they’re the one talking, or I’m talking to them. I just want people to relate, and realize that we all connect, that we are one. So when you hurt others, you hurt yourself, reminding all people to be kind, and spread love and positivity.

Any final messages for your fans?

I just wanna give my thanks to the people who helped me grow. The Baryo Berde fam, who has been very supportive, always being there through the ups and the downs, I consider you guys as my second family, especially, Marc. To the people who listen to my music, on Soundcloud and on Youtube. Those who give me their honest opinions. Those who don’t believe in me. Those that doubt and question my skills. You are all inspiration to me. I honestly don’t know why I am here, it may not be at the top, but I’m glad that I’m somewhere. I didn’t know voicing out my opinions and my thoughts would get me an interview at the Soulfiesta blog. Haha! Huge thanks, of course, to the big brother Bong. Also, shoutouts to Revent, and Pagibigle$$, been sending me sick tees! Check them out! And also check me out this Oct 7 for Bomb First, Black Market 9pm onwards -- and its free of charge!

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I’m very happy that I’m a part of the scene, I honestly just want to put music out and be real to myself and everyone that I connect with, I wish us all a good luck and a pat on the back for being where we are right now. The Philippine Hip-Hop scene isn’t dead and we’re here to provide you proof! My best to everyone

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