Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ro3lay - Kiss The Sky (Produced by Mister Rey)

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From the upcoming album "Native Immigrant", coming out soon!

My Soulfiesta x To The Billboard brother, Mister Rey, is in the heels of releasing a new project with a formidable emcee from Sucka Free, United States named Ro3lay (pronounced Row-ley), entitled, "Native Immigrant". What started from an impressive take on a cipher ended up being a musical project that has not just spawned great new music but cemented friendship in a journey towards identity. 

My conversations with Mister Rey often lean towards his passion in bringing forth knowledge to the PINXYs in his community, how lost some kids & grown ups are/have been, how misguided our brothers and sisters over there, and how hopeful he is in showing them a path towards personal enlightenment and self love. It's amazing how colorful of a musician/DJ/rapper Mister Rey is despite having a very serious and firm role in building his community! Ro3lay isn't a new emcee from the block either, Rich has been immersed in music for a hot minute now with great success! Besides the love for hiphop, Rich and Rey are leaders and pushing their communities to 'wake the fuck up' from the issues that hit us daily.

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Music video trailer of Kiss The Sky available HERE.

The new single, "Kiss The Sky" produced by Mister Rey is out now on Soundcloud! The album "Native Immigrant" is coming out soon and hopes to build the sonic landscape painting a view as unique as the album title. Soon as the intro kicks in and Mister Rey flips the beat with a nasty bass line, the rhymes instructs the listener to 'not sleep on yourself, kiss the sky with me'. The song is as much an ode to the lovely herb as it is a serving of good vibes from one soul to another!

Asked about what song from the album "Native Immigrant" the new US President should listen to, Mister Rey stops me with "That orange piece of shit ain't our President." and drops the titles "Freedom Writers" and "Survival" topping that list. Already something with great intent we can listen to -- I'd also like to personally know what PINXYs over there are experiencing as of late with everything thats going on and more; and this project could give us that insight! Learning about your roots is also about learning where the fruits have fallen and what seeds it has cultivated.

Tune in to this blog for more on Ro3lay and his new project soon!

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