Friday, March 10, 2017

Needing Things Only Kills You Slowly

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New release from BuwanBuwan Collective! Check it out!

BuwanBuwan Collective’s J level, is a clear product of the videogame generation. Unlike most artists who find inspiration primarily from personal experiences alone, J level manages to draw out emotions by juxtaposing his own experiences with those representative of the videogame fantasy worlds he grew up immersing in. his unique cinematic soundscapes show hints of Celtic, Asian, Ethnic, Orchestral and Classical Music while also borrowing from more modern forms of music with a heavy sense of Ambient, IDM, Trap, Glitch and Bass. "Needing Things Only Kills You Slowly" transforms into an intersection of worlds, schools of thought. It is a feeling space, an excursion and an invitation to revisit your fantasies and to live in the world of dreams.

(EP) "Needing Things Only Kills You Slowly"

“A line from Owen's song 'Everyone feels like you' (2002). A song about how not everyone knows their current state in life but in most sorrowful scenarios, there is someone out there feeling just like you. But a line in the song "in time, you'll find needing things only kills you slowly" really captivated/ensnared my current life dilemma. I needed a lot of things like new equipment and gadgets, money, recognition of my works in school/music, girlfriend, etc; ending up being extremely depressed. The slow-paced suicide is done, eaten my very own soul and now i'm dead. Needing things is a self-torture confinement of ones soul.

While in the process, I created 6 songs that represent my mixed feelings of depression, paranoia and acceptance. The title of each song are from different scenarios and fan fiction concepts of different RPG games I love (Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, Final Fantasy X), emotionally tailored, to cater and to honor its legacy.”






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