Monday, March 13, 2017

sKarm releases "Playground Tactics"!!!

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All tracks produced by Anitek, Spotify link HERE.

One of the shining moments of being in the scene possibly a whole decade strong, is seeing kids grow up to chase what they were meant to do. I met sKarm early early in his life, in his house -- possibly still one of those kids running around playing games. During my tenure at AMPON, we would hold meetings at their spot - his older brother P-Flexx would let us use their family home as home base for tons of AMPON activities. Fast forward to 2017 -- a few albums under his belt; a slew of events, shows -- you name it, The Pharm collective, a Fliptop pioneering MC, he begs to push the envelope even more.

Dropping an album fully produced by Anitek from New York - tells me, and shows us - that hiphop truly is a world affair of sorts. Carrying on tradition, sKarm saw early with his brothers, his brothers friends, and his peers the beauty of music and prose. He's heard everyone say 'hiphop is for everyone' and now has an album that's rooted in a collaboration with a foreign producer. This album, comes from a decision of doing his music full time after years and years of balancing living with a side hustle of music. A decision involving 'freedom' and 'inspiration', sKarm launches an album wanting to share this unique perspective of a man who sacrifices and perseveres, a tale we're all too familiar with but a tale uniquely presented in boom bap and high caliber rhymes!

When asked about the process he was in when making this album - his perspective was a "World view, because I couldn't just think of myself. I had to make sure Anitek was cool about my rhymes cause he produced everything and I was also touching in on his fan base. A lot of pressure but it was all worth it."

As a bridge between the new and the old, he mentions "Old school fans would like All Night All Day. I'm a huge fan of Lighter Shade of Brown and that song to me is my tribute to that style. Hip hop ain't gotta be complicated all the time, it's also a genre of vibin', chill fun. New school cats should listen to Cause I'm an Emcee and Icarus Wings."

The album is packed with great songs -- and great guest features from Curtismith and RHXanders. The album is available digitally through Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other digital music stores. Lastly, sKarm dedicates this album, to;

This album for the people looking for inspiration.
For the ones that need that extra push
For the ones that need that hope
The ones that need to know they're not alone
For the ones caught on the dwell, forward is the way.

We all are from A Tribe Called Forward - congratulations to the brother sKarm on this future classic of an album!

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