Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gloc 9's new song "Sirena" is about gay people.



Again, Gloc's new song and first single on his new album, is about gay people.

From the time I heard Ebe Dancel sing the first few lines "Ako'y isang sirena.." - it caught me off guard. I must admit, we live in a hiphop world where we are almost homophobic, period. Its amazing how Gloc took his career to the next level by not just catering to the gay community but actually embodying the struggles of that community and immortalizing them in a song. At first it got me feeling awkward, but as each verse strongly commits to the topic, I appreciate the artistry behind it. Find me a straight person, with the success of a Gloc 9 or even an Ely Beundia address this topic with such rhythm and conviction. I mean, we had Bitoy - a rapper in his old profession rocking dresses in his shows, we had Francis Magalona performing rocking a dress in some performances too.

But this really puts Gloc in his own lane. His storytelling is still the country's finest, his album under Universal cannot be more anticipated with collaborations with top notch go getters in their own fields Bamboo, Bambu, Ebe Dancel, Chito Miranda and more.

Lets us not forget the backlash of this song, specially from the Religious groups. I've seen countless attacks on the song already. While controversy really sells - Gloc is not one to fabricate steps to guarantee sales. I respect this song, cause I respect Gloc as a person, not just the artist that he is. Pinag-isipan ang pagsulat ng kanta, and he addressed what so many haven't.

And most of all, most gay people I know are straight men. And like 'Pac said "Most of these neegis are bitches too."


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