Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Marco Silang - Before I Leave

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Aiyo Fiasco kid, this beat right here is fire. Proud of you kid!

We all have things to do, places to be at, people to meet -- rushing all the time. Like everyone on the road who wants to get ahead of everyone. Like each one feels entitled to be the first to reach where they need to be. To be first where? Maybe to be the first to leave and head back ahead of everyone else again. Whatever it is, we are always leaving. We leave home to go to work and also leave work to go to go home. "Before I Leave" is the place between just that -- a beat tape by Marco Silang - the producer alter ego to Mark Fiasco who gave you  the Dear Summer EP's and countless sick tunes over the years. Before I Leave, is that space you exist between two points.

"I always rep Cal city." - but this whole beat tape is an ode to Mark's childhood playground in Silang, Cavite. He adds "Nung napadpad kasi ako sa Caloocan masyadong nag mature na ako mag isip sa murang edad." In all honesty, this first beat tape by Marco Silang's is also a a forthcoming despedida joint. He has reached a new milestone in his life in having a family and has taken an opportunity that will bring his focus in growing this family. When asked on a possible Dear Summer EP 3 -- "Truth is hindi ko pa alam sa ngayon maybe next year or after 2 years? Sa ngayon hindi ko pa talaga alam pero soon siguro."

Focused on bigger things, Marco Silang's "Before I Leave" beat tape is fire -- and traces to a flattering admiration to J.Cole as both lyricist and beat maker. So if you want a sound bed similar to how your man Jermaine does it, you know who to call. Marco Silang's beats has this bounce reminiscent of some early Chrizo and Traumatik joint. "Take Your Time" and "Before I Leave" steals and seals the show with a very a sad note of leaving; but also a promise to come back better!

Make things happen kid. Get settled and stay writing -- I promise you, you're not missing out on much. Congratulations and more blessings to come!

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