Monday, January 9, 2017

Soulfiesta Exclusive: The Maharlika Life

 photo Maharlika Life - Malaya anatomy_zpsbmbbkjan.jpg

Look at the anatomy of this self developed Baybayin caligraphy.

The Maharlika Life is one of the brands people should look out for in 2017! It takes a genuine lover of our Baybayin caligraphy to be able to sit down, create, innovate and show the evolution of this close to extinct art form. There is something to be said about preserving the art form and the craft that is of the old but there is also something to be said and root for someone who wants to see it evolve and carefully in his own, disect -- teach and innovate our past to something current and something the artist can call his own. While The Maharlika Life is not subjected to just art and products -- but it takes its cue from various street wear products (they did a cap collaboration with SSO) and current undertakings.

Here's a few words from proprietor Ian Lucero:

"Colonial mentality has always been a widespread sickness in our society. It has come to the point where we appreciate foreign culture more than our very own. This disorder is evident in numerous ways, such as having a condescending attitude towards anything local, reluctance to continue traditional practices (e.g. weaving, tattooing, writing), removal of our mother tongue in the education system, and many others.

 photo Maharlika Life - Yabang Pinoy merchandise setup_zpsbceh5hlx.jpg

Check out this "Malaya" collaboration cap with SSO.

Enter Maharlika Life; a nationalistic art movement that honors and celebrates our nation’s pre-colonial heritage through visual arts. Our current creations are characterized by a unique and stylized interpretation of traditional motifs in language, culture, arts. Through these creations, we are creating socially, culturally, and visually meaningful work that ignite a sense of identity and pride in our heritage.

In order to carry out our goal, we aim to captivate, educate, and propagate.

 photo Maharlika Life - Wika acrylic on canvas_zpsp9fuesxk.jpg

Great caligraphy work! Workshops soon?

Through artistic works, exhibits, talks, we aim to captivate our people by awakening their passion for our culture. Through these channels, we aim to educate our people about the importance of championing our culture. Finally, through the help of the people we captivated and educated, we aim to propagate our group and our cause with their help, through word of mouth and personal action."

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Maharlika Life said...

Such an honor kapatid! Thank you very much for this. Mabuhay ang ating kultura!