Thursday, September 17, 2009

DAY 18 N9 & FRIENDS -- free download for September Madness

KANYE WEST feat. Nimbusnine - Gorgeous

NIMBUSNINE & FRIENDS (Turbulence Productions 2007)

At a time when Nimbus was taking a break from recording, the team wanted to pump in more music. However due to certain circumstances, Nimbus couldn't hit the studio yet -- and we always wanted to end the year or start the year with a bang -- we came up with this release. It was our way of holding down the scene and our boy, who was going through tough times. Today is my brother Rhys' birthday and I am celebrating this in my blog via this free download. Shoutouts to Young Lloyd! We have stopped reproducing this CD for a minute now and we still want to share the great music in it; from Syke's "Ang Pirata" to our "Touch It (Pinas Remix)" -- which really fathered Whoa and Space Jam to "Gorgeous" Kanye and Nimbus Hotnixx's "Makapangyarihan" which sparked his passion for music again. The first track was a track I made off Alicia Key's song Diary -- which was one of my first beats I made off of sampling. Shoutouts to Butchoy & Smugglaz for jumping in this release, they were my first introduction to the budding 187 Mobstaz scene! Here's the track list people, enjoy this one!

1. 2Tay & Marquiss - Secrets +
2. Butchy & Smugglaz - Wag Ng Subukan
3. Hotnixx - Makapangyairhan ++
4. Mike Swift - Tayo'y May Pag-asa +
5. Jay-z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Soulfiesta Remix)
6. Little Brother - Life of the Party (REMIX) +++
7. Nyko Maca feat. Jonan Aguilar - That Noise (LIVE)
8. Slick n Sly Kane feat. The Franchize & Wilzone - Bestfriend *
9. Hotnixx, Black, Chocobeef, PHD, Nimbus9, God's Will & A.N.E - Touch It (PINAS REMIX)
10. Kanye West feat. Nimbusnine - Gorgeous
11. Peoples Future - Definition
12. TEXT - Mr. Me Too
13. Frankie J feat. Chamillionaire - That Girl (REMIX) +++
14. Nimbusnine - Let Em Get To Know Ya +
15. Mike Swift, Dash & Stick Figgas - Tagay (Edited Version)
16. Urban Outlawz - To The Bangels PT. 2
17. ILL-J - Role To Play ++
18. Syke feat. DJ Umph - Ang Pirata **

+ Produced by B-ROC
++ Produced by Chrizo
+++ Produced by Traumatik
* Produced by Slick n Sly Kane
** Produced by DJ Umph


NOTES: This release was hella fun to do, hehehe. Check out track 16 and see you not laugh a little. We were looked at by Andrew E. as a label that took things to seriously by our demeanor and content. Of course we wanted to invoke inspiration, change and things that make you think -- but on the flip side, we just intelligent goof balls, that why we started having fun with it and still bridge inspiration to people. Shoutouts to everyone involved in this project, and for people who bought this CD and is now mad cause I posted it up, don't worry -- music after a time is meant to be shared. I gotchu and your loyalty is unprecedented. And yo! Anybody who can guess what sample I used for Let Em Get To Know Ya? Let me know!

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